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ARK Noise Control Engineering Center | India

India's leading experts in 'Industrial Noise control' - ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, Pune.
ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, being a part of Athalye Group (Est. 1984), has 30+ years of experience in the field with1000+ successfully completed projects. Mr. Chintan K. Athalye (Executive Director, Athalye Group) has completed his Master of Science (MS) Degree in 'Acoustics & Vibrations' from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and is one of the most recognized Acoustical Consultants in India. We have numerous technological inventions of our own to exceed your expectations in terms of results achieved practically. We perform FFT Spectrum Analysis of YOUR Noise Source and design our Acoustical Panels to target the dominating frequencies, which leads to the best possible results. ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre has unmatched expertise in Acoustical Design in India and is your One-Stop-Solutionfor any kind of Noise Control problems.

Products/Services : Acoustical Enclosure, Acoustical Consultancy for any Noise reduction of machines /Overall Industrial premises, etc

Akasaka Diesels Limited | Japan

Akasaka Diesels Limited is a leading manufacturer of marine engines and generators.

Akasaka Diesels Limited
Products/Services : marine engines, diesel generators


Control Technologies FZE (Ctrltech) is known for Power, Cooling & Monitoring solutions. We design, supply offer Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or Close Control Unit (CCU) or Precision Air Conditioning, Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Battery, Voltage stabilizer, Voltage regulator, Belden cables, water leak detection system, leakage detection, Static Transfer switch (STS), Automatic Transfer switch (ATS), weighing machines, raised flooring, DC Power Supply, DC/DC Converter, TVSS, PDUs, Isolation Transformer, Frequency converter etc. We offer following Products: 1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). 2) Battery (SMF, Lead Acid) 3) Closed Control Unit (CCU) or Computer Room Air conditioner (CRAC) or Precision Air Conditioner. 4) Dehumidifier.

Products/Services : Dehumidifier, Close control unit, Precision air conditioner, CCU, CRAC, Computer room Air conditioner, voltage stabilizer, water leak detection, voltage regulator, servo, avr, static transfer switch, sts, Frequency converter, Server room, Datacenter, FM200, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Dehumidifier, air cooler, Industrial air cooler, Evaporative air cooler, Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS,

Akaren Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier | CHINA

Insulation Oil Purifier Series:
1. ZY Single-Phase Highly Effective Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
2. ZYB Multi-Function Insulation Oil Purifier
3. ZYD-I Ultra-high Voltage Oil Treatment Equipment
4. ZYD Double Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification
5. VP Vacuum Pumping Machine
6. BDV Oil Dielectric Strength Test
Lubrication Oil Filtration Series:
1. TYA Lubricating Oil Purifier
2. TY Turbine Oil Filtration
3. TYA-I Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier
4. TYC Lubricating Regeneration Oil Filtration
5. TYB Coalescence-Separation Oil Purifier
6. CYA Centrifugal Vacuum Oil Purifier
Oil Filtration for both Insulation Oil & Lubrication Oil:
1. LY Plate Pressure Oil Purifier
2. JL Portable Oil Purifier

Akaren Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier
Products/Services : oil purifier, oil filtration, oil purification, oil filtering

Pyramids Group Fair | Turkey

Pyramids has been organizing Building & Construction & Stone, Machinery, Furniture & Home Textile, Fashion & Tex, Autoshow & Spare Parts, Medical Care & Health and Energy Fairs in Iraq ( Basrah, Erbil), Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and The Netherlands.

Pyramids aims to move the exporting companies into new markets and increase market share in right place at the right time with the right trade fair organizations.

Pyramids provides professional support to the participants at all necessary subjects related with the fairs. It is provided by collecting the data base from chamber of commerce & industries, councils, associations, businessmen; inviting the “hosted buyer delegations” from the regional chamber of commerce, one by one with VIP invatitions in order to organize B2B meetings; organizing matchmaking of the delegations with the exhibitors.

Pyramids Group Fair
Products/Services : Fair Organizer

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