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Industrial and Machinery - Pumps, Motors and Generators

Paikane Group | India

Original Equipment Manufacturers - Generators

Products/Services : Gensets

Daff Equipment Supplies L.L.C. | UAE

Products/Services : Pumps, Level Instruments, Smart Controllers

Sykes Pumps International | United Kingdom

Sykes Pumps are one of the original designers and manufacturers of surface mounted de-watering pumps with a history going back more than 150 years. Today the auto-priming surface mounted de-watering pumps have become the industry standard and are capable of handling clean water, sludge and slurry and well pointing duties. We are now lookig for new distributor partners within Africa. Please come and visit our stand for more information.

Products/Services : Sykes Pumps

Machine World Llc | United Arab Emirates

Machine World inc. is a semiconductor equipment refurbisher. Concentrating on SVG, Solitec. Covering photo resist coating, develop or CTD develop. Single sided scrubbing and double sided scrubbing. Including the option of hot plate bake ovens.

Products/Services : Product Generators, water pumps, spare parts, sprayers, hoses, mechanical seals, lawn mowers, chain saws, engines, compactors, vibrators

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