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ARK Noise Control Engineering Center

India's leading experts in 'Industrial Noise control' - ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, Pune.
ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, being a part of Athalye Group (Est. 1984), has 30+ years of experience in the field with1000+ successfully completed projects. Mr. Chintan K. Athalye (Executive Director, Athalye Group) has completed his Master of Science (MS) Degree in 'Acoustics & Vibrations' from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and is one of the most recognized Acoustical Consultants in India. We have numerous technological inventions of our own to exceed your expectations in terms of results achieved practically. We perform FFT Spectrum Analysis of YOUR Noise Source and design our Acoustical Panels to target the dominating frequencies, which leads to the best possible results. ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre has unmatched expertise in Acoustical Design in India and is your One-Stop-Solutionfor any kind of Noise Control problems.

Products/Services: Acoustical Enclosure, Acoustical Consultancy for any Noise reduction of machines /Overall Industrial premises, etc

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Company : ARK Noise Control Engineering Center
Address : Plot No. 223 , Sector 7, PCNTDA ,Bhosari ,Pune
Country : IndiaCity : Pune
Telephone : 020 - 27122190 / 91Fax :
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